Chess is a logic board game with special pieces that need to be moved on a 64-cell board taking into account certain rules. The name of this sport came to…

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No excuses: A guy born without legs became a fighter, going to the Olympics and inspiring others
20-year-old Zion Clark leads an extremely eventful life. He studies hard and just this spring received a diploma in management. He devotes his free time to music and sports. Zion…

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Loop Mukhina: A tragic page in the history of Soviet gymnastics
She was amazingly talented and persistent. Elena Mukhina was the absolute champion of the USSR and the world in gymnastics, showed an incredibly complex program, some elements of which are…

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Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular sports. In order for sport to bring benefits and joy, it is necessary to take care of correctly selected sports equipment and clothing. Many people carefully choose skis and clothes for themselves, however, they are not very worried about choosing ski poles, because in appearance they are all exactly the same.

But, looking closer at the ski poles, you can see that this is not one solid stick – it consists of several parts:

* a pen;
* stick;
* foot.

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When choosing skiing, you need to consider certain characteristics. It is very difficult to choose from the offered quantity that is on the market. In this article we will understand all this diversity so that you can choose what suits you.
Long skiing:
– at speeds more stable;
-Lighter go in deep snow;
-they are easier to slow down;
– make it easier to stabilize the position of the body due to the greater moment of inertia;
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Snowboarding is becoming an increasingly popular sport every year. Thanks to the huge range, it is easy to choose a board. If you just started skiing, then in the line of any manufacturer you will find at least a few models designed for the first descents. Such boards are distinguished by affordable prices.

You should pay attention to such an important detail as the level of rigidity of the board. A snowboard designed for beginners forgives some mistakes, not forcing you to fall with every wrong move. As a result, training in skating will be easy, interesting and painless.

Boards for mastering the basics

Those who are already more or less firmly standing on the board and know the basic rules of skating can Continue reading


Hockey is considered a sport for real men. It contributes to the harmonious development of the human body, because during the game endurance develops, physical potential builds up, qualities such as responsiveness, strategic thinking are trained. It is not surprising that hockey is so popular among the population, and regardless of age.

However, hockey training should be not only interesting, but also safe. That is why special attention should be paid to the choice of sports equipment, especially such an important detail as skates. It depends on this purchase in the future whether hockey classes will benefit.

What you need to know about skates?

Hockey skates need to be acquired based on how often you intend to use them and how well you ride. Continue reading

Natural tan: beauty and benefits

In summer, everyone strives for the beach, closer to the sea, river or lake, to enjoy sunbathing, soak in the warm sand and get a beautiful, even and mouth-watering tan. But it is worth noting that not everyone can sunbathe. People with high blood pressure and diabetes should generally be exposed to the sun as little as possible: there is a risk of worsening chronic diseases, as well as an additional burden on the heart and blood vessels. Small children and adolescents can also be exposed to scorching rays for no more than an hour – their fragile body can experience serious stress. There are special people suffering from albinism – they do not have melanin, which gives color to the skin, eyes, hair. In principle, they should not be in contact with the sun. But do not forget about ordinary people: if you are in the sun for a long time, then there is a risk of sunstroke and dehydration. Therefore, everything must be approached wisely. Continue reading

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