One of the most beautiful sports that are included in the program of the Olympic Games is figure skating. In addition to a wide variety of sports in various disciplines…

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Athletics is a combination of sports such as running, jumping, walking and throwing. These exercises appeared in ancient times, however, the Olympic Games, which took place in Ancient Greece from…

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Truth and fiction about the “death match” - a football battle of Soviet athletes and fascist anti-aircraft gunners
The Great Patriotic War is remembered by many grandiose battles in which Soviet soldiers defended the independence of their homeland. But in the history of the confrontations between the USSR…

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How Japan prepares for the 2020 Olympics

In 2020, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Japan, a country with a unique ancient culture, will surely prepare something grandiose and original for the guests, and also, of course, surprise tourists with technical achievements. But will the life of the Japanese themselves change in connection with the upcoming Olympic Games and how do they feel about this event? About this – in our review.

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Adidas VS Puma: The story of how the hatred of two brothers led to the creation of famous brands

It all started in the small German city of Herzogenaura in the 1920s. In his mother’s laundry room, two Dassler brothers started a business of their own: the younger brother Adolf (Adi) sewed shoes and the older brother Rudolf (Rudi) sold them. This was the post-war period, and the brothers sewed the most necessary shoes – orthopedic shoes for training athletes with disabilities, which were quite a lot after the war. For the soles, they took old car tires, and the upper part of the shoes was cut out of old or decommissioned military uniforms.

In the family business, the brothers balanced each other well – the calm and reasonable Adolf invented Continue reading

Loop Mukhina: A tragic page in the history of Soviet gymnastics

She was amazingly talented and persistent. Elena Mukhina was the absolute champion of the USSR and the world in gymnastics, showed an incredibly complex program, some elements of which are now prohibited at competitions because of their danger. The gymnast dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion, but the injury received during the training forever deprived her of such an opportunity. But even being bedridden, Elena Mukhina continued to fight for the right to live.
The future gymnast, who was born in 1960 in Moscow, was left without a mother at the age of two, and the baby’s father, after the death of his wife, created a new family in which there was no place for her daughter. Fortunately for Lena, she had a wonderful grandmother, Anna Ivanovna, who raised and raised Continue reading

Sacred fire, stopped wars and other myths around the Olympic Games

Before each Olympics, the information space is filled with informative articles about their ancient traditions hailing from ancient Greece. Many of the described traditions or their connection with modern games is a myth. There is also the usual confusion of different, but similar ancient customs.

Greeks did not carry sacred fire from anywhere

Gobbels, a great fan of torchlight processions, came up with “Deliver Fire” from the homeland of the Olympic Games. Yes, that same propagandist of the Third Reich. The custom seemed so beautiful that they decided not to refuse it, and they shyly close their eyes to the true story, repeating the Nazi inventions. Fortunately, the remaining finds of the Third Reich did not get into the Olympic Games. Continue reading

What the first ladies-bodybuilders looked like: Photos of the wonder women of the last century

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by many significant events, and one of these was a departure from the stereotype of a weak and dependent woman. In different countries there were ladies who were no longer satisfied with the famous German rule of three K’s: “Kinder, Kuche, Kirche” (children, kitchen, church). Thanks to the first athletes, strong, independent personalities began to come into fashion, who, if necessary, can stand up for themselves. The fact that now I sometimes want to return to the weaker sex a little femininity is another question, in the early 1900s the very idea that a woman can be beautiful and strong at the same time was truly revolutionary, so such ladies were most often surprised and interest, but delight is not always. Continue reading

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