The most popular simulator No one needs to explain that sport is health? Yes, maybe everyone knows that, but not everyone has enough time to play sports. There is a…

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Speed ​​when moving around the sports field, accurate and well-rehearsed shots, the ability to play in a team and harmoniously - these are perhaps the most important rules that the…

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Children's hardening is especially important for young babies and weakened babies (premature, suffering from malnutrition, rickets, diathesis and other allergic diseases). Children's hardening is based on the property of the…

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Chess is a logic board game with special pieces that need to be moved on a 64-cell board taking into account certain rules. The name of this sport came to us from the Persian language, where the word “shah” means the king, and the word “mat” – died. Two people can play this game. Chess successfully combines elements of science, art and sport. Chess is not at all an easy sport, as it may seem, it requires athletes and the mind, and dexterity, and endurance, and patience. Chess players are great people, which is why I would like to talk about the best, most successful chess strategists. Of course, it’s always interesting to hear about people who have achieved something today, and not once there, but to talk about chess and not to say about the legendary chess players would be wrong. So let’s get started. Who are the best chess players in the world?

From the very beginning, let’s quickly go over the names of the best chess players of the past.

Andersen Adolf (1818-1879) – the best chess player in the world during the second half of the 19th century.

Byrd Henry Edward (1830-1908 gg.) – This English chess player was recognized as one of the best at that time in the world.

Bogolyubov Efim Dmitrievich (1889-1952) – this Russian chess player was a contender for the world championship.

Bykova Elizaveta Ivanovna (1913-1989) – this Russian chess player is an international grandmaster and the third world champion in chess sport in history.

Grünfeld Ernst (1893-1962) is an Austrian chess player, has the title of international grandmaster, in the 1920s he had the right to be called the best chess player in the world.

Gunsberg Isidor (1854-1930) – was in the group of leaders of the best chess players of the whole world.

Labourdonne Louis Charles Mahe de (1797-1840 gg.) – The strongest chess player in Europe in the first half of the 19th century.

Menchik Vera (1906-1944) is the first world chess champion.

Pilsbury Harry Nelson (1872-1906) – one of the best chess players of the second half of the 19th century.

Rudenko Lyudmila Vladimirovna (1904-1986) – the first world chess champion from Russia.

So, we have listed, so to speak, the legends of the past and now, it’s time to slowly switch to the legends of the present.

Anatoly Karpov is an outstanding Soviet as well as Russian chess player. Anatoly was born in the city of Zlatoust in 1951 on May 23. This chess player is the 12th world champion in this sport. Karpov earned the title of International Chess Grandmaster, as well as Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. During his career, he became a three-time world champion, a three-time FIDE champion, a two-time World Cup, being part of the USSR team. Plus, Karpov won the USSR championship 3 times and the RSFSR championship once.

Garry Kasparov is the 13th world chess champion. A chess player was born on April 13 in 1963 in the city of Baku. During his chess career, Kasparov managed to become a honored master of sports of the USSR, win the championship of Russia, earn the title of two-time champion of the USSR, become the owner of 11 chess Oscars.

The name of Vladimir Kramnik is a person who is a famous Russian chess player. Vladimir was born on June 25 in 1975 in the city of Tuapse. To date, Kramnik has earned the title of absolute world chess champion. Over his sports career, Vladimir has repeatedly won all kinds of major tournaments, three times became the Olympic champion, speaking for the Russian national team. In general, Vladimir has enough merit and moreover, he is considered the most erudite chess player of our time.

Levon Aronian was born on October 6, 1982 in Yerevan (Armenia). Learned to play chess at 9 years old. In 1994, he became the world champion among young men. This talented chess player during his career managed to become the owner of the World Chess Cup in 2005, the champion of the Olympic Games in Turin (2006) and Dresden (2008), the world rapid chess champion in 2009 and the blitz champion in 2010, to win the FIDE Grand Prix. Today Aronian is one of the most promising contenders for the title of best chess player in the world.

Viswanathan Anand was born in 1969 on December 11 in the city of Madras (India). Vichy is the fifteenth world chess champion and the third FIDE world champion. Since 2007, to this day, Viswanathan Anand has been the reigning world champion.

That’s probably all. The most famous chess players of the world were listed above. It is from such people that it is worth learning, and it is precisely such people that need to be made more expensive.

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