It is unlikely that anyone would doubt the benefits of playing sports. Regular sports loads keep the muscles in good shape, develop and maintain a beautiful figure, support a person’s…

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No excuses: A guy born without legs became a fighter, going to the Olympics and inspiring others
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In the understanding of some people, a healthy child should be chubby. Greater attention is not given to excess weight: it is believed that when the child grows up, stretches,…

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Morning exercise is a series of physical exercises that need to be performed immediately after sleep. Such charging is characterized by an average degree of stress and covers almost the entire musculature of a person.

The purpose of the exercises is to raise the general tone of the body, improve all vital processes. Charging helps smoothly transition from rest after sleep to a normal working condition.

Morning exercises have many advantages. It improves the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, metabolism, develops muscles, improves posture, and improves mood.

People can do gymnastics, regardless of age. It is especially useful for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Charging should be performed daily, only then it will benefit. Before starting classes, you need to ventilate the room well, and if possible, go into the fresh air.

How to prepare for charging?

No need to immediately start the actual gymnastics. Proper preparation is needed. After you wake up, rinse your face with cool water, drink a glass of plain water. Then you can start gymnastics.

Walk for a minute on the spot, waving your hands, squeezing and unclenching your fingers.
Take a position so that the legs are shoulder width apart. Rub your palms against each other. Then sigh, raise your palms up along your face (but do not touch the skin), wrap them behind your head, and then lower them with an exhale. Repeat ten times.
Remember that the main thing in charging is to perform exercises in a good mood. No need to devote a lot of time to gymnastics at once, step up the pace gradually.

Neck & Shoulder Exercises

First we work on strengthening the neck. The initial posture is feet shoulder width apart, arms at the waist. Gradually tilt your head in different directions, forward, backward. Then turn it left and right. After you can start to turn your head, work first on one direction, then on another. Try tightening your neck muscles and then relaxing.

Then you can work with the shoulder section. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your body forward a little while keeping your arms bent at the elbows. Make movements with your hands as if you are running. Make sure that your breathing does not go astray.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. The left hand goes side up, bring the right behind the back, bend and stretch, taking a breath. Return to the starting position and exhale. Repeat by changing the position of the hands.

Stand with your legs apart. Start waving, and the movements should be accompanied by a rotation of the body to the right or left. At the same time, breathing should not be delayed.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Straighten your arms, move them to the sides and begin to perform circular movements with them. At the same time, squeeze and unclench your fingers with all the force.

Waist exercises

Stand with your legs apart. Exhale, lean forward, inhale, return to the starting position. Keep your legs straight while doing so.

Stand straight, legs apart. Exhale while leaning to the right, while the right hand should slide along the thigh, and the left should be put behind the head. Inhale, return to the starting position, repeat, but in the other direction.

Perform circular movements of the lower body, as when rotating the hoop.

Perform body swings back and forth. To do this, stand so that the legs are shoulder width apart, put your hands on the waist. Lean forward quickly, then stop abruptly, then quickly return to the starting position. Perform the action several times, and continuously.

Exhale while simultaneously drawing in the abdominal muscles as much as possible, then exhale and relax.

Leg exercises

Perform alternately swing your legs. At the same moment, stretch your arms forward. Try to touch your palms with your toes.

Do squats on two legs. Make sure that the muscles of the buttocks, calves, and the back of the thighs are included in the work.

Spread your legs very wide. Squat on one, the second at this moment should be absolutely straightened. Thus, “roll” from foot to foot, trying to squat as low as possible.

Perform swinging legs alternately swing in different directions – back, forward, sideways.

Run around in a calm rhythm.

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