How Japan prepares for the 2020 Olympics
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Often, even young ladies accumulate fatty deposits on the abdomen. Moreover, in general, a woman can be very slim. Very often, a protruding belly is not an indicator of overweight. Many people forget that a flat stomach becomes so, not only because of the lack of excess fat, but also because of the good condition of the abdominal muscles.

Why does body fat accumulate on my stomach?

The stomach is considered the most healthy and normal when the abdominal wall protrudes slightly, but the stomach itself remains flat. If the muscles are flabby, untrained, then sooner or later the abdomen sags, begins to protrude very much. Weak abdominal muscles are fraught with the fact that they can provoke such unpleasant consequences as omission of organs, impaired functioning of the stomach and intestines. After all, the correct location of the internal organs is based precisely on these muscles. In addition, their condition significantly affects the course of pregnancy and childbirth. That is why the abdominal muscles must be well strengthened.

When you begin to perform the appropriate exercises, then remember that you can not strain too much in the process. This can provoke the development of a hernia or a sharp muscle strain. Also, light exercises, even if done many times, bring almost no result. Easy classes should be complemented by more complex ones.

If you want to improve your posture, then exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles can be combined with exercises for the back. Before starting classes, review your diet. Do not eat sweet, flour, exclude baking, fried, smoked. Eat in small portions, but 5-6 times a day. Be sure to drink one and a half liters of water per day, and this should be pure water, and not sweet juices and compotes.

The combination of massage and exercise

Massage can be safely carried out at home. It is useful in that it improves blood circulation, prevents the appearance of new fat cells, and tightens saggy skin. You need to do the massage while you are taking a shower. Do you need to use a washcloth with a hard bristle brush. Begin to make circular movements, writing out the “eight” in problem areas. You can finish with light tingling. If cellulite also bothers you, then after the shower, lubricate the skin with special oil or cream.

After that, start the exercises for the abdominal muscles.

• Lie on the floor, stretch out your arms. Gradually raise both legs. Freeze for five to ten seconds. Slowly lower your legs. Repeat several times (at least ten).

• In a lying position, bend your legs. Raise your body so that you can touch your knees with your hands. After that, return to the original position. Do this exercise ten times.

• Lie on the floor. Raise your legs by bending them, and then take a bottle filled with water and squeeze it between the feet. Straighten your legs. Your main task is not to drop the bottle.

Perform these steps daily.

Exercises for young mothers

This complex is quite effective, but it can be performed at least a month after birth. Very important for young women, because the skin of the abdomen stretched as the child grew.

Getting started. Kneeling, stretch your arms forward. Take a breath. At the same time, lean back a little, so as to clasp the heels with your hands. Lock for at least 5 seconds, and then return to the starting position. Observe slowness of movements. Such movements need to be done ten times.

Lie on your stomach, bring your legs together. Stretch your arms in front of you. While inhaling, raise the upper body (shoulders, chest work) and legs, while exhaling – lower it.

After lying on your back. Bring your legs, stretch your arms to the sides. Exhale, lift the body and legs. At the same time, spread your arms around the sides. Stretch to maximum height, and when you feel that you have reached the limit, linger. Then return to the original position. Repeat ten times.

These seemingly straightforward exercises will help you regain shape. You can also perform exercises lying on your back, moving your legs in the air in the manner of a “bicycle”. Raising your legs at a right angle (lying on your back) is also effective.

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