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In the understanding of some people, a healthy child should be chubby. Greater attention is not given to excess weight: it is believed that when the child grows up, stretches, the fat itself will “leave”. In fact, it is not so at all.

Excess weight problem

Currently, every fifth child is overweight. Blame for this – and not without reason – the lack of activity and the abundance of “harmful”. And weight, in turn, becomes the cause of the child’s passivity and unwillingness to play sports – a person is simply shy of himself.

One way to help your child break this vicious cycle is through sports. To cope with excess weight in childhood is very simple: the body at this time obediently takes any form and retains it for many years. In addition, the child will make new friends and interests, he will be able to become more confident and open in communication. And, as you know, a hobby can grow from a hobby into a life-long affair.

But in order to make sense from the lessons, you need to choose the right sport.

Criteria for choosing a sport for children

Choosing a sports section, many parents are guided by their unfulfilled dreams or ideas about what a child needs.

This can lead to the fact that the child will come up with many ways to skip classes, and instead of health and a beautiful figure, he will get the same excess fat, deterioration of his health in the future and many complexes.

In order not to make mistakes when choosing a sport, you need to follow these criteria:

The physical data of the child is an important parameter when choosing a sport. For example, the boy “quiet” will not be accepted as footballers.

What does the child like. Do you think dancing is an unworthy activity for a boy? A girl should not know the tricks of karate? Maybe you are right. But if your child, with bated breath, watches sports dance competitions, and your daughter has reviewed all the films, at least somehow related to martial arts, there is only one way out – put up. And, of course, take the child to the sports section.

Character. Shy kids get lost in team games. Individual sports, such as gymnastics, are more physically undeveloped. Lazy people are likely to like martial arts.

Distance from home. The desired section can be located at the opposite end of the city, and a trip to it can be a real adventure with many transfers and transitions. Can you cover this distance every week for several years in a row?

Qualified trainer. It is believed that the stricter the teacher, the better his students learn. In fact, this is not always the case. Sometimes a human attitude is much more important than rigor. Moreover, if the child is full and unsure of himself – he will perceive severity as cruelty, remarks – as an attempt to humiliate, and, most likely, lose faith in himself. The ideal option, if the teacher is not only fair and qualified, but also sincerely keen on his work – these are the people who can instill not only technique, but an understanding of discipline and a true love of sport.

Sports for obese children (overweight)

For obese children, active sports are most often chosen. It is believed that this way they will come into shape faster. However, overweight children will find it difficult to train. Football and other outdoor sports put too much strain on the heart and joints, which in full children already “suffer” every day.

Since full children often do not like physical activity, you can interest them in more spectacular sports – martial arts. Judo, karate, taekwondo – such circles are in many cities, now even girls are accepted there. The main thing is to explain to the child before the “sending” that the real battles are not as spectacular as in the films, and it will take a lot of work to get the result.

Another good option is horse riding. It is equally suitable for both boys and girls. The muscles are worked out very well, posture is formed. Children communicate with the animal during training, which saves them from feelings of loneliness, worries about the figure, and, as a result, from “seizing” stress. The disadvantages of equestrian sports are the high cost, as well as the fact that racecourses are not available in all cities. But if there is an opportunity to send the child to such a section, why not try it?

Many sports clubs have children’s yoga sections. These classes are also universal, suitable for girls and boys. They are adapted for children, perfectly reduce stress, strengthen muscles and develop flexibility. Best suited to “quiet people” who hate to run.

For girls, a slim figure is even more important, because they want to be beautiful and graceful. Such sports as figure skating, gymnastics can help them. They will develop flexibility and grace, in the future they will make the figure more beautiful.

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