Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular sports. In order for sport to bring benefits and joy, it is necessary to take care of correctly selected sports equipment and…

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Winter Olympic Games - competitions of athletes from all over the world in regulated winter sports. Such competitions, like the Summer Games, are held under the patronage of the International…

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Today, gymnastics is one of the most popular types of physical education. This sport is not only useful, but also beautiful, interesting, it can be practiced by people of all…

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The most popular simulator

No one needs to explain that sport is health? Yes, maybe everyone knows that, but not everyone has enough time to play sports. There is a solution – a home exercise machine. But which simulator is better to choose? What is the most popular exercise machine? It turns out that the most popular home exercise machine is the universal orbitrek device. As for the simulator model, users prefer Turneo Vento C-207, this simulator is the most popular among people who want to be healthy, and who do not have enough time to go to the gym. The Turneo Vento C-207 will be able to replace the treadmill, exercise bike, stepper and rowing machine.

The most expensive baseball card

Everyone knows that the price of rare collectibles is incredibly high. Baseball cards are no exception. The card with the T 206 Honus Vagner baseball player is considered the most expensive and desired booty. Now its price is 2.8 million dollars, although more recently it amounted to 2.35 million of the same American dollars. At open auctions, a total of 27 such baseball rarities were recorded. Anyone who has the necessary amount available can buy them.

Why is the price of some kind of card so high? They were released at the beginning of the 20th century, when Honus Wagner fought against smoking. One hundred years passed, and only 50-60 copies have survived to this day.

The best karate

Would you like to know which karate is the best for today? Yes, it is the “best” and no other. Do you know the name Hirokazu Kanazawa, it is this person who is the most respected karate in the world. Kanazawa was born in 1931 on the island of Honshu in the family of a fisherman. Until the age of eleven, the boy did nothing and was like the others, but then everything changed. Once, between Kanazawa and his classmate, a fight took place, in which, naturally, our future sensei won. Everything would be fine, but after this fight, Kanazawa got a crack from the father of his enemy – 100 kilogram sumoist, the boy fell into the mud and could not do anything.

From that moment it all began – the boy became very upset, and he decided to take revenge. Making incredible efforts, training day and night, cherishing a plan of revenge in his heart, the boy developed spiritually. When Kanazawa graduated from school, he was already so strong not only physically, but also mentally, that he forgave the old offender, and he died 2 years later. Today, Hirokazu Kanazawa is already over 80 years old, but being the owner of a black belt and 10-dan, he remains the best karate of modernity and his age is not an obstacle to this.

The longest parachute jump

The longest parachute jump was made by Joseph Kittinger, captain of the US Army. 08.16.1960 the stratospheric balloon raised the champion to a height of 31,332 meters, from where the paratrooper jumped. The movement to the ground lasted 13 minutes and 45 seconds – a third of this time the captain was in free fall, the maximum speed of the paratrooper was 1149 km / h. I must say that this jump is also considered the most dangerous, since it is impossible to complete it without equipment.

Kittinger himself lost consciousness during the fall and saved his parachute, which opened at an altitude of five and a half kilometers. After landing, the captain fell into the caring hands of doctors, who quickly put him on his feet.

The greatest skate jump

Are you interested in who is the best sailboarder, and who set, well, just a record skateboard jump? Danny Way – this name became a legend when, in 2004, participating in the Skateboarding Big Air competition, which was held in Los Angeles, he set a world record for skateboarding. Climbing the tall ramp, Danny drove off it, accelerating his skate to a speed of 88 km / h, then he jumped a distance of 24 meters. This leap became the greatest in history.

A year later, Danny Way decided to fix his name in the memory of people by jumping on the skateboard of the Great Wall of China. With his accomplishments, Way demonstrated to everyone his willpower and true courage.

The biggest weight lifted in the bench press exercise

Everyone knows, and someone firsthand, that pulling the bar is quite difficult. Only a trained person can lift a lot of weight without harm to health. I would like to inform everyone that a new world record for the bench press exercise has been set. This record was set by Ryan Kenelli. The athlete managed to squeeze neither less nor more than 486 kilograms from the chest.

The record set by Ryan is absolute and so far no one has managed to beat it. Let Kenelli also fail to complete the exercise cleanly – he did not manage to spread his arms to the end, but anyway, the judges decided to count the result. We cannot but pay tribute to the champion, because that barbell weighed 486 kilograms – almost half a ton.

Guinness Book Record on the Upset

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