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Hockey is considered a sport for real men. It contributes to the harmonious development of the human body, because during the game endurance develops, physical potential builds up, qualities such as responsiveness, strategic thinking are trained. It is not surprising that hockey is so popular among the population, and regardless of age.

However, hockey training should be not only interesting, but also safe. That is why special attention should be paid to the choice of sports equipment, especially such an important detail as skates. It depends on this purchase in the future whether hockey classes will benefit.

What you need to know about skates?

Hockey skates need to be acquired based on how often you intend to use them and how well you ride. Professional skates are designed for constant and very aggressive use, therefore their main quality is reliability. Such skates have a specific structure, because the hockey player must not only develop great speed in them, but also be able to constantly maneuver. In turn, the amateur game is more calm in nature, therefore, the requirements for skates are somewhat different.

You should decide how often you will wear skates. If you know that training will not be regular, and you will go out on the ice several times a season – feel free to take an amateur model. If you are going to regularly spend time at the rink, it is better to purchase a semi-professional model of skates.

Remember that due to the design features, hockey skates do not allow them to figure skating. You can not play hockey in those skates that are designed for recreation.

The characteristic features of hockey skates are the absence of teeth on the bend of the blade and the protection of the cape and socks. Skates come in two types of blades:


In the first embodiment, the blade can be removed and replaced. Most often, the blades are made of carbon steel, and are equal in length to the length of the boot. It is important to choose a blade configuration that is convenient for you, since how the leg will stand on ice depends on this. If you previously had skates, it is better to pick up new ones with the same type of blade. If you decide to sharply change the configuration of the blade, then get ready for frequent falls at the beginning, when the weight of the body will be distributed differently.

Hockey boots are made of polymer, leather or artificial leather. Good shoes are designed to protect your foot and ankle from damage. The ankle is supported with a pad made of plastic, a power strap and a special clip. In the area of ​​the heel and toe is a mesh of metal. Often models can be equipped with additional stiffening ribs or latex shields.

If possible, it is better to buy skates that have a removable inner boot, anatomical insoles and arch support. Such a boot should be made of thermoformed material, which will allow him to sit exactly on the foot.

Some practical tips

1. When buying, pay attention to skates that are half the size of your leg size. It is believed that you need to have a small stock of “toe.”

2. The material of which the boot is made matters. Plastic skates tightly clasp a leg, but it is inconvenient to maneuver in them. In genuine leather boots, the feet do not freeze, this is a “breathing” material, but it quickly loses its attractive appearance. Artificial leather is wear-resistant, quite elastic, but you need to choose high-quality leatherette that would absorb moisture well.

3. Pay attention to rigidity. Soft shoes are suitable for those who play hockey professionally and have considerable experience. In such boots it is very convenient to perform various maneuvers, even at high speed. But a beginner is not recommended to acquire such skates. Such shoes are considered to be traumatic, so it is very easy to damage joints in them. Therefore, if you have recently gone ice skating, it is better to purchase hard boots. Which hold your foot tight.

Pay attention to the riveting of the blades – it should be absolutely even.

Natural tan: beauty and benefits
In summer, everyone strives for the beach, closer to the sea, river or lake, to enjoy sunbathing, soak in the warm sand and get a beautiful, even and mouth-watering tan.…


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