How Japan prepares for the 2020 Olympics
In 2020, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Japan, a country with a unique ancient culture, will surely prepare something grandiose and original for the guests, and also,…

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Georgian sumoist became an idol in Japan
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Snowboarding is becoming an increasingly popular sport every year. Thanks to the huge range, it is easy to choose a board. If you just started skiing, then in the line of any manufacturer you will find at least a few models designed for the first descents. Such boards are distinguished by affordable prices.

You should pay attention to such an important detail as the level of rigidity of the board. A snowboard designed for beginners forgives some mistakes, not forcing you to fall with every wrong move. As a result, training in skating will be easy, interesting and painless.

Boards for mastering the basics

Those who are already more or less firmly standing on the board and know the basic rules of skating can choose a more solid board. Such snowboards are divided into several types:

• universal;
• for freestyle;
• for freeride;
• hardboard snowboards.

These are the main types for those who want to move their group of beginners into a more “professional” one. Briefly consider what this or that model represents.

Universal snowboarding boards are considered the most comfortable. You can ride them with equal success both on small hills and on mountain peaks. Such boards differ in different designs of the nose and tail, so they can even conquer slopes with steep descents. She will be good for jumping. In short, a universal board is best for those who want to try a lot, but are not going to buy several boards for this.

The freestyle snowboard has the same nose and tail. Due to this, riding and landing are hassle-free. These boards are suitable for thrill-seekers who are bored with traditional skiing on the slopes.

Freeride snowboards are suitable for experienced people. They are ideal for skiing in places where there are no paved tracks. They behave best on virgin soil, where there is a lot of freshly fallen, rolled snow. If the rider has sufficient skills, then such a board will never drown even in the deepest snow. Freeride snowboarding is characterized by its shape – the nose is wider than the tail. Due to this, the board allows the rider to remain calmly on the surface, applying a minimum of effort.

Rigid snow drills are exclusively suitable for professionals. They are boards of a rather narrow shape, with a characteristic “trimmed” tail and plastic boots similar to ski boots. Most often, such boards are used by those involved in giant slalom. As you know, he is the official Olympic discipline.

What should be considered when choosing the right one?

In order not to make a mistake when buying, you need to know a few important nuances.

1. The most important thing to consider when choosing a board is its length. Any snowboard is individual, that is, it is bought based on the height, weight of the rider, as well as his riding style. There is a special system by which you can calculate your ideal snowboard length. For details, contact the seller or the board manufacturer’s recommendations.
2. It is important to choose a board of the correct length, since it is this indicator that determines three important parameters: maneuverability, stability (this is especially important when picking speed) and “grip”. It is important for the rider to quickly change the direction of movement, and the longer the board, the more difficult it will be. For a beginner, it is better to choose the length so that the board was just above the chin, but below the tip of the nose. A board that is too short does not hold fast at high speed.
3. Pay attention to the width of the snowboard. You need to measure across the board, where its narrowest part passes. The wider the snowboard, the easier it will be to control it on an unprepared slope. In addition, the wider board is more stable. It is better to buy a wide snowboard if you have a large leg size (from 44 and above).
4. The radius of the board should be taken into account. The larger it is, the more confidently the snowboard behaves when gaining speed. The board becomes stable, although maneuverability drops.
5. It is necessary to mention such an indicator as the rigidity of the snowboard. A soft board is suitable for skiing in the virgin lands; for a hard slope, you need, accordingly, to choose a hard board.

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