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Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular sports. In order for sport to bring benefits and joy, it is necessary to take care of correctly selected sports equipment and clothing. Many people carefully choose skis and clothes for themselves, however, they are not very worried about choosing ski poles, because in appearance they are all exactly the same.

But, looking closer at the ski poles, you can see that this is not one solid stick – it consists of several parts:

* a pen;
* stick;
* foot.

It is very important to carefully study each of the above parts and choose exactly the option of ski poles that can provide your sports activities with comfort and convenience. After all, feeling discomfort, you can easily get some kind of injury.

Ski poles classification

So, having built ski poles of any manufacturer in a row, starting from the cheapest and ending with expensive, you can notice a certain pattern. Paying attention to the paws and straps of ski poles, it is clearly seen that the cheapest poles have paws in the form of ringlets or rhombs of a standard size, however, as the price increases, the paws become smaller and smaller. The straps are from the very beginning ordinary straps, but then, following the increase in the price of sticks, they transform and turn into “bracelets” with Velcro. It is worth noting that the standard-shaped straps will rub their hands over long distances. And the paws of a small size are perfect only for previously prepared tracks, and in the snow they will simply fall through.

As the price rises, the materials of which the sticks themselves are made change. Starting from aluminum and composite, moving to one hundred percent carbon fiber of various shapes.

* Cheaper sticks have low stiffness and sufficiently large weight, which is inconvenient when using. You might think that more expensive models are made from the best material. However, this is not quite true.

* Expensive models made of carbon fiber, rigid and lightweight, which is a definite plus. But at the same time, they have low strength. These sticks are designed for specially prepared and smooth racing tracks. These ski poles are easy to break just by sticking in a snowdrift.

What do you need to know?

When choosing sticks, you need to make sure that they are suitable for the type of track on which you are going to ride and are consistent with your height.

It is very convenient when the hand does not slide on the stick, and the stick does not remain in the snow. To achieve this goal, a lanyard is attached to the stick of the stick, which clings to the hand and does not allow you to lose the stick. As a lanyard, a piece of sling can serve, which bends around the brush and is fastened with Velcro. The lanyard can be fixed on a stick, and also, it can have a certain mechanism that will allow you to unfasten it at any time. This system is perfect for athletes involved in biathlon.

The handle of the ski stick is where the hand touches the tool. Here it is necessary to make sure that it is convenient for you to hold on to it, so that it does not press and does not interfere with the free movement of the hand. At the same time, it is important that the hand cannot easily slide off the stick, otherwise it is easy to get any kind of injury.

Many years ago, the legs of ski poles had a round shape. Now they have the form of a sector. Nowadays, you can notice the tendency of manufacturers of products for skiing to narrow the legs of ski poles to very meager sizes. However, such dimensions are completely inconvenient for tourism. Such paws easily “sink” in the snow, which makes them more prone to breakage. Choose paws with a wide size so that the area of ​​contact with the surface of the track is large. Such characteristics will make it much easier to push off and move faster.

The stick itself must be sized to suit your height. So, put the ski pole in front of you on the side. If the ski stick reaches the armpits, it means that it is suitable for skiing. And we need poles for cross-country skiing. So, poles that reach the shoulder or even a little higher are ideal poles for cross-country skiing. With such sticks, you can easily build on both solid snow on the track and deep snowdrifts. Also, stick weight is important. The smaller it is, the easier it is to use this stick.

To summarize

So, in order to choose the right ski poles for cross-country skiing, you must adhere to the list of recommendations:

– In order that the hand did not slide on a stick, pay attention to a lanyard. Best of all, when it can be detached and attached at any time.

– The handle by the ski stick should be as comfortable and convenient as possible for you and depends on personal preferences.

– For tourism it is better to choose ski poles with large paws. With such sticks it is easy to push off even from a road covered with snow.

– The stick should reach the shoulder or even above it to provide you with maximum resistance when pushing off the road.

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