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How Japan prepares for the 2020 Olympics

In 2020, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Japan, a country with a unique ancient culture, will surely prepare something grandiose and original for the guests, and also, of course, surprise tourists with technical achievements. But will the life of the Japanese themselves change in connection with the upcoming Olympic Games and how do they feel about this event? About this – in our review.

Olympic products
Last year, Japanese beverage manufacturers tested unexpected new products on customers — the colorless Coca-Cola soda, as well as colorless tea and coffee. The appearance of this product was strange, but the taste was no different from the “color” original. Japanese citizens took the news almost indifferently – there was no hype about transparent coffee in stores.

However, analysts say that it was only a test ball, and similar miracle drinks, as well as other products of famous brands, presented in an unusual form – a surprise that was not prepared for the Japanese at all. He must impress guests from foreign countries who will come to the Olympics. It is assumed that Europeans are certain, unlike the sophisticated Japanese, such products will delight.

And, of course, foreign tourists will surely enjoy the traditional Japanese sauce – albeit not colorless, but with Olympic symbols.

Ecology in everything
In preparation for the Olympics, the Japanese are going to demonstrate to the world that they are very environmentally friendly people and care about environmental protection. As you know, the Japanese are very serious about sorting garbage and throwing glass containers separately, in special tanks.

Now, from the glass, sorted in Tokyo houses and recycled at the enterprises, building blocks are made for the construction of Olympic facilities. In addition, environmentally friendly taxis appeared in the city, which we will also talk about now.

Miracle Taxis and Robots
Chic taxi brand Toyota, the release of which is timed to coincide with the upcoming Olympics, has already appeared on the streets of Tokyo. These are the so-called comfort-class artificial intelligence vehicles, equipped for passengers with limited mobility – disabled tourists, and, of course, participants in the Paralympic Games. The new taxis are very spacious (you can put a wheelchair inside), they do not have rear-view mirrors (instead of them are screens), there are at least six airbags in the cabin, and they are either filled with gas or run on electricity.

Taxi drivers are young people (no older than 30-40 years old) who speak foreign languages ​​(primarily English), which is rare for ordinary Japanese taxi drivers. In addition, taxi drivers were trained in first aid in case the passenger becomes ill.

It is assumed that taxis will become the main means of transportation for the guests of the Olympics, since urban transport in Tokyo does not work until late. The cost of a taxi ride from the airport to the city center will be approximately 40 thousand yen.

By the beginning of the Olympics, the mayor of Koike Yuriko promised to completely remove all illegal taxis from Tokyo (the Chinese and Koreans, as a rule, “bomb” the Japanese capital). By the way, the success of the Olympics is a vital issue for her, because she is promised the post of prime minister, and the reality of this prospect depends, inter alia, on how she will manifest herself during the Olympic Games 2020.

The organizers of the Olympics also plan to launch minibuses that will deliver guests to Olympic venues from nearby hotels. By the way, in hotels, airports and in the competition area it is planned to actively use robots that will act as informants-translators.

Tourist rescue training
As you know, earthquakes often occur in Japan, and other natural disasters periodically occur. Already, the authorities have organized training groups for everyone who plans to work at the Olympic Games. Future volunteers are taught to act in emergency situations – for example, how to evacuate spectators from the stadium in the event of an earthquake, how to coordinate them and prevent panic and casualties. Well, of course, volunteers should be able to provide first aid to guests.

Japan is a country that is not fully prepared for terrorist acts, but provocations cannot be ruled out during the Olympic Games. The Japanese authorities are especially afraid of terrorists from North Korea. In this regard, during the Olympics 2020, Tokyo and other major cities will be literally stuffed with video cameras with the latest face recognition system.

Such equipment will appear not only at the entrance to the Olympic venues, but also simply on city streets. In other words, a person whose person is listed in an electronic database as unreliable (for example, who is also on the international wanted list) will be immediately identified and detained.
By the way, the Tokyo authorities are now periodically arranging for citizens large-scale training in the fight against terrorism. For example, 300 people took part in exercises organized in the vicinity of Ueno City Hall by the fire department and the military.

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How Japan prepares for the 2020 Olympics
In 2020, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Japan, a country with a unique ancient culture, will surely prepare something grandiose and original for the guests, and also,…


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