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Two husbands and one illusion of the famous gymnast Larisa Latynina

She still remains one of the most titled athletes in the world, although more than half a century has passed since her sports career. Larisa Latynina was a winner not only in sports, but also in life. She graduated from school with a gold medal, and the institute with a red diploma. And in the family, she strove for the ideal, but she was able to achieve it only on the third attempt. She had to endure cruel disappointment and learn to live again after a heavy loss before Larisa Latynina became truly happy.
Married at the insistence of mom

Larisa Diri met Ivan Latynin even while studying at a female school in Kherson. Cadets from the Maritime College were often invited to big school holidays, and high school students often visited the sailor in the evenings.

At that time, the future sailor began to look after a pretty gymnast. Larisa’s mother liked Ivan very much, she began to invite him to visit, she fed him with pleasure and already saw her son-in-law. Larisa accepted courtship, but did not experience any passionate feelings for the young man. She was passionate about sports, fully laid out in training and was preparing to enter the institute.

Larisa became a student at the Kiev Polytechnic, and my mother went from Kherson to Kiev after her daughter. When she realized that young people began to pay attention to her girl, and even escorted her to the hostel, Pelageya Anisimovna sounded the alarm and telegraphed to Ivan, who was serving in Baku at that time, about the need to come.

He came to Kiev twice, and then Pelageya Anisimovna began to insist on the marriage of her daughter. Larisa for a long time could not resist the desire of her mother, and as a result, as an obedient daughter, she resigned herself and answered Ivan Latynin’s proposal with consent.

However, in the life of Larisa, in addition to changing her name, at first nothing changed: she still disappeared at training camps and competitions, handed in sessions, and later transferred from the Polytechnic Institute to the Physical Training Institute. The reason for the transfer was her desire to be the first in everything that she could not achieve at the Polytechnic due to her frequent absence.

Soon, Ivan and Larisa Latyninyh had a daughter, Tatyana, and in the fifth month of pregnancy, the gymnast successfully performed at the World Championships, becoming the absolute champion.

The illusion of happiness

After the end of her sports career, Larisa Latynina began to be more often at home. And then it turned out that with Ivan Ilyich they are completely different people. Life in the family seemed gray and casual, and then a man appeared on the path of the gymnast, conquering her with his mind and the ability to care. However, next to Ivan Latynin was already a girl who dreamed of living with him.

Larisa Semyonovna succumbed to his charm and soon went to her loved one. She never mentioned him in an interview and does not even want to remember the ten years of her life spent next to him.

She simply erased from her memory the years that were filled for her with pain, resentment, betrayal and humiliation. And she was almost able to convince herself that these years in her life simply did not exist.

Never speaks Larisa Latynina also about the death of her son Sergei, which she had to survive. Many years have passed since then, but the gymnast prefers to never touch on this topic.

From severe depression in difficult times, only work saved her. By the time of separation from her common-law husband, she was just preparing the national gymnastics team for the competition and spent almost all the time with the athletes.

The champion already completely put an end to her personal life, considering her inheritance only work and communication with her daughter and grandchildren. Fans of Larisa Semyonovna, of course, were. They invited her to the theater or to exhibitions, but she did not feel any affection for anyone.

Almost resort romance

Shortly before her 51st birthday, Larisa Latynina met with the chief engineer of the Dynamo plant Yuri Feldman at the Voronovo Recreation Center. It all started with an offer to play tennis, which Larisa Semyonovna accepted with pleasure, noting that she could not play, but would not refuse the opportunity to learn.

Yuri Feldman began to teach Larisa Latynina to play. Later they began to go to the cinema, and then a fire occurred at the factory where Yuri worked, and he rushed off to the enterprise, delegating the care of Larisa to his friend, with whom he lived in the same room. A friend surrounded Larisa with attention and care, and Yuri who returned late in the evening was incredibly happy to see Larisa. And in a fit of feelings, he took her hand and touched his lips to the spot on the wrist where thin veins shine through. At that moment Larisa Semyonovna suddenly realized: for this man she was ready to go into fire and into the water.

True, he was married, and lovers for about three years met in secret. And then Yuri Izrailevich came to her with a small suitcase and simply said that now he would not part with her. He held a leadership position, was a member of the party committee, and therefore the announcement of his divorce entailed a call to the party meeting, study and conversation.

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Two husbands and one illusion of the famous gymnast Larisa Latynina
She still remains one of the most titled athletes in the world, although more than half a century has passed since her sports career. Larisa Latynina was a winner not…


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