Morning exercise is a series of physical exercises that need to be performed immediately after sleep. Such charging is characterized by an average degree of stress and covers almost the…

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75-year-old grandmother presses the bar along with the pitching: "If I can, then you can"
Everyone’s life is different, and the 75-year-old Iris Davis considers her life to be quite normal. The fact that she continues to receive bodybuilding awards at her age, and she…

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In the understanding of some people, a healthy child should be chubby. Greater attention is not given to excess weight: it is believed that when the child grows up, stretches,…

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Winter Olympic Games – competitions of athletes from all over the world in regulated winter sports. Such competitions, like the Summer Games, are held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.

The first competitions, which soon began to be called the Olympics, took place in the small French city of Chamonix in early 1924 – it was from there that the development of the “White” Games began. Initially, the Olympic Games were held in pairs (summer and winter in one year), but in 1994 it was decided to shift the interval of the Games by two years.

To date, the program of the Winter Olympics is an extensive program. The number of country representatives at the modern Games is in no way inferior to the Summer Olympics, and it is worth noting that athletes from tropical countries also take part in “cold” sports. Yes, in those days, the “white” Olympics were “overwhelmed” by the Scandinavians, but over the years the trend of leadership has changed dramatically – today athletes from different parts of our planet are among the leaders.

History of formation

The history of the development of the Winter Games is not simple, but let’s try to understand in more detail.

It is worth noting that a diverse winter sport appeared long before the founding of the first Winter Olympics, but what can I say, long before the idea of ​​organizing competitions of this magnitude. However, there are sports whose inclusion in the Olympic program was carried out much later. Here, for example, “ice” disciplines were not included in the regulations of the first three Olympics, although ice skating was included in the regulations of the Olympic Games in 1894. By the way, this year they created the main executive body of the Games – the International Olympic Committee.

I Olympiad. How was it

The first “white” Games were held in Chamonix in early 1924 – it was an event that historians and lawyers have been arguing about to this day. “The then held” white “Games were something else, but not the Games from Olympus,” – say world historians. 90 years ago, an event taking place in the alpine town of Chamonix was called the “Winter Sport Week dedicated to the upcoming Olympics in Paris.” This is the true name of the 1924 event. 293 athletes from 16 countries of the world gathered in the French Alps. However, many historical records say: “Athletes had the opportunity to choose: to participate or not. There were many reasons for this. ”

The main reason is organizational work. The authorities of the town of Chamonix did not dare to decide whether to participate in such “nondescript” competitions. Pierre de Coubertin (second President of the IOC) wrote a letter to his best friend Henri Balle-Lyatur (in the future, the third President of the IOC): “The Town Hall assures that the city is absolutely ready to accept the competitions, but the smiles of these people are untrue, the arguments are not reliable. I don’t have confidence in these people and it seems that the Chamonix authorities are making fun of us. ”

The second, no less compelling reason was the serious opposition of the Scandinavian region. The Scandinavians have always considered winter sport their calling, a kind of idyll. By the way, the Scandinavian peoples held individual competitions, called the Nordic. There is an explanation for this – the people of the Scandinavian region have cultivated winter sports since the 19th century. Moreover, the people of the Scandinavian countries did not recognize that such sports could become the common property, claiming that nothing could be better than the Nordic competitions.

“Sports authorities” also did not want to recognize “cold” sports as official Olympic. Most of the Scandinavian peoples spoke loudly: “Our sporting disciplines are not Olympic! Ancient Greek competitions did not include skiing or skating! Can this sport be called Olympic ??? ”But many leaders of sports unions did not accept winter sport as such, considering it not a competition, but rather an advertisement of the resorts where the Games are held.

However, not only the Scandinavians were “eager to” not give up “their” sports to the IOC. Many alpine countries that cultivated skiing (alp ski, English) and bobsled also refused to delegate their sports to the coveted Olympus.

Great figure in the history of ZOI

Probably, the “white” Olympics would not have become as great as it is today if it were not for the person to whom the sporting history of the planet owes. This is Pierre de Coubertin – the man who founded the Olympics on Earth.

This great Frenchman in 1922 achieved the creation of a special commission for the Winter Games. Thanks to his extraordinary diplomatic charm, he contributed to the inclusion of representatives from Sweden, France, Canada, Switzerland and Norway, and then “persuaded” delegates to organize a “Winter Sports Week” in 1924 as a propaganda for the Summer Olympic Games. The decision was made, despite the disagreement of the members of the commission.

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