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Speed ​​when moving around the sports field, accurate and well-rehearsed shots, the ability to play in a team and harmoniously – these are perhaps the most important rules that the best basketball players in the world should have. Plus, physical data and the growth of a basketball player play a big role. Despite the fact that the best basketball players in the world come from the United States, where this game originated, basketball is popular in many countries. In the Euroleague, Russian basketball players achieved great victories.

We want to introduce you to the representatives of basketball, who announced themselves in the NBA and other leagues. So, the best basketball players in the world, let’s get to know them better.

In the list of the most famous basketball players in the world, Clyde Drexler is the very first.

Born in New Orleans, in 1963. He is a player in the positions of an attacking defender, as well as a light forward. Clyde in 1995 was part of the Houston Rockets, and at that time was named the champion in the association, and previously the Olympic champion in 1992. He earned the nickname “sliding” in the sports world. He made 25 triple-doubles in the NBA throughout his career, which is why the NBA took the honorable tenth place on the list. By the way, the NBA’s list as “the most famous player in history” includes Clyde. This is all because the basketball player was able to score twenty thousand points during his career, he made six thousand rebounds and six thousand assists. Drexler played for Portland most of his career, after which he moved to Houston, bringing him a complete victory in the NBA championship in the first season. The athlete was named the best basketball player in the world in 1996.

Dennis Rodman

In 1961 he was born in the city of Trenton. At the Chicago Bulls Club, he began his sports career, where famous basketball players such as Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan also played. Dennis also played, besides the Chicago Bulls, for famous clubs such as the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers. Has a lot of awards in the basketball league. Rodman is also a huge favorite in show business: in various radio and television shows he takes an active part and starred in the film “Colony” in 1997, where Jean-Claude Vann Dam played. Also, the basketball player, in addition to all of the above, wrote a book called “I want to be the worst of all.” He has been an honorary trainer in the NBA since 2000.

George Miken.

In almost all professional basketball leagues, George Meiken played, as well as in US associations. Victory in seven championships on his account. In the ranking of the best players of the season, George took pride of place three times. The basketball player, in addition, participated four times in the match, in which all the famous players played.
Maiken, after completing his sports career, founded the American Basketball Association and became its honorary founder. He then founded the Minnesota Timberwills, a basketball team that has been making tremendous successes in the NBA for more than a year. He was included in the basketball hall of fame among the fifty best players of the NBA and the world.

Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant was born in 1978 in Pennsylvania, in the city of Philadelphia. He is an attacking defender at the Los Angeles Lakers. Since 1996, he has been playing for this team, where he won the NBA championship three times with Shaquille O ¢ Neal.
He is five-time champion of the association and in the NBA was named more than once the most productive basketball player. In addition, he has repeatedly played for the NBA national team. At the Olympics and the American Championship, he received gold in 2007-2008. Included in the top five most famous athletes of the decade.

Scotty Pippen

Scottie Pippen is a player in the light forward position on the Chicago Bulls team. In games, the NBA brought victory to the team six times. Pippen, in addition to his team, played for the US national team and became the Olympic champion twice. Recently, he was named the best basketball player, and he was included in the list of the 50 best NBA players.

Andrey Kirilenko.

Although almost all popular basketball players are American by origin, our Andrei Kirilenko was a pleasant exception. In 1981, he was born in the city of Izhevsk. In St. Petersburg, he began his career, where he moved with his parents. Andrey began to play for the city team here. The Kirilenko team won the Russian Championship in 1995. The basketball player then moved to CSKA. And with the famous US basketball team Utah Jazz, Andrei was offered a contract in 2000. The status of a leader was assigned to Andrey in this team.

Shaquille O’Neal.

The center 216-cm basketball player “Phoenix Sans” was born in 1972 in the state of New Jersey, in the city of Newark. In the history of the NBA is considered one of the best athletes. At the Los Angeles Lakers, he began his career. In the NBA, he received the honorary title of champion for three consecutive years.
Shaquille O ¢ Neil, in addition to basketball, starred in films, Steel in 1997 and Kazaam in 1996, and also released several rap albums.

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