Tennis is a sport in which either two players or two teams consisting of two players can compete. The task of tennis players is to use the special racquets to…

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Athletics is a combination of sports such as running, jumping, walking and throwing. These exercises appeared in ancient times, however, the Olympic Games, which took place in Ancient Greece from…

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Snowboarding is becoming an increasingly popular sport every year. Thanks to the huge range, it is easy to choose a board. If you just started skiing, then in the line…

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The next rating, which includes the best boxers in the world, was published by The Ring magazine, regardless of its weight category.
If we compare the previous rating, we can note the return of Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the Top 10, which defeated his compatriot Viktor Ortiz and took the second line of the rating.

On February 24, 1977, he was born in Michigan. As if fate itself was destined for him to become a boxer, and enter the rating under the loud name of the best boxers in the world. “Handsome” he was nicknamed by friends in the sport. He himself notes that when he was just walking around the arena, he was already waving his arms, like a real real boxer. The objects that pretty much got from him changed as he grew. Floyd first wore gloves when he was seven years old.

84B-6P is Floyd’s amateur record. In 1993, 1994 and 1996, he won the Golden Gloves Championship. In the National Police Athletic League tournament, he won in 1995, after which he became the champion of America. He received his nickname at this time. According to Floyd himself, “handsome” he was not called for appearance, but because his face always remained untouched after the fight. In order to get into the American Olympic team, Floyd defeated Ougie Sanchez twice.

In the list of the best boxers in P4P, Floyd introduced his name with his victories. Western rap is his favorite music, bowling, dancing and cinema are his hobbies.

At the same time, Bernard Hopkins left the top ten.

Hopkins is an absolute world champion in the super middleweight category among professionals. He in 2001 entered the list of “The best boxers of the world.”
After Hopkins defeated Keith Holmes in 2001, he became world champion according to the versions of the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council. And later, having beaten American Felix Trinidid, his compatriot, he became the absolute champion – only the legendary Ray Leonardo managed to achieve the average weight for the last time such a result.

Bernard Hopkins in 1982 at the age of 17 was arrested for armed robbery by the police. As part of a street gang, he took away money and a gold chain from a passerby. The judge then sentenced him to 4.5 years in prison. Hopkins joined the boxing club in prison, being at that time already an experienced amateur boxer. A completely different person came out of prison, an athlete.
According to IBF, Bernard Hopkins received his first world title by knocking out Segundo Mercado in the seventh round in 1995. 159 pounds then weighed a 33-year-old ex-worker of the kitchen, who was nicknamed “The Executioner”. Since then, he did not give his title to anyone. The best fight of the year was the battle in which he fought with Felix “Tito” Trinidad.

In the rating, Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko dropped one position and takes the sixth line.

In 1996, Vladimir Klitschko began his professional career at the Universum Box Promotion Hamburg club in Germany. Only in Germany he fought for several years against rather weak rivals. Against Ross, Purity entered the ring in Kiev in 1998. Ross crushed the whole battle, and Vladimir moved around the ring, and all the time around the perimeter he felt, twisted, walked away from the ropes and met at the same time. That time, Klitschko failed to knock out the enemy. In the tenth round, Purity sent him to the knockdown. The situation repeated and in the eleventh round, the fight stopped the corner of Klitschko. In the professional ring, this was the first defeat.
Klitschko in 1999 went to the United States, where he participated in the fight against boxer Phil Jackson, a former contender for the title. The battle was ended with a victory for Klitschko.
In 2007, he managed to take revenge from one of his offenders, who was Lamon Brewster. The athlete was badly beaten and therefore Brewster’s corner in the interval between the seventh and eighth rounds removed the applicant from the battle. This was another defense of the championship belt, the third in a row.

On the first line of the completely updated rating is Manny Pacquiao.

In December 17, 1978, he was born into a poor Philippine family. World champion in 1998-1999 according to WBC in the easiest category, in 2001-2003 according to IBF and in 2001 according to WBO in the second easiest category. From 2008 to the present, according to the WBC champion in the second featherweight category. According to the magazine “Ring” in 2006 and in 2008, “Boxer of the Year.”

Manny first came to the boxing gym at the age of eleven, inspired by Mike Tyson’s fight against Buster Douglas. However, his mother forbade him to engage in boxing, and this became the reason for a very serious family conflict, as a result of which Manny ran away from home when he was twelve years old and wandered for a while.
More than sixty battles Pacquiao spent in amateurs, of which only four lost. When he was sixteen, in 1995 he made his debut as a pro, defeating a certain Edmund Ignacio on points. Ten more victories followed this, but then Manny suffered his first defeat: a little-known Filipino

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