Georgian sumoist became an idol in Japan
His training begins at six in the morning, and he eats only twice a day. Every day is scheduled by the clock and the mode does not go astray, like…

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Hockey is considered a sport for real men. It contributes to the harmonious development of the human body, because during the game endurance develops, physical potential builds up, qualities such…

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Often, even young ladies accumulate fatty deposits on the abdomen. Moreover, in general, a woman can be very slim. Very often, a protruding belly is not an indicator of overweight.…

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The rating “the best racers of Formula 1” was compiled based on the indicators of the pole position, this is the victory of the racers and so on. The results are used for the last five years, the old grand prix are deducted, new ones are added to them, and thus, the rider gets less points for old victories than for new ones. So, for example, according to such a settlement system, Mikhail Shummakher was in seventeenth place, who, after his return, never rose to the podium.

So, the best racers of Formula 1 are presented to your attention:

Sebastian Vettel
He began his career in Formula 1 by accident when he had to replace Robert Kubica, who was injured, in the BMW team at the US Grand Prix in 2007. Sebastian won the Formula 1 Grand Prix, he is the youngest world champion. The epithet “the most” fits perfectly with Sebastian Vettel. He is the youngest among BMW test pilots, and the youngest race car driver among those who won the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

In 1995, Vettel began his racing career. In Monaco, in the championship in karting among juniors, he won first place. He won the German BMW Formula Championship in 2003.

In the Euro Formula 3 series, Sebastian Vettel became the “rookie of the year” in 2005, when he played for ASL Mucke Motosport. But he finished the season only in fifth place, but do not forget that Lewis Hamilton reigned supreme on the track at that time. The second Sebasyan was already in the next season, and despite the fact that he received a serious injury in the second stage of Formula 3, during which he almost got his finger cut off. Many were sure that after this accident, he would not continue the championship. However, Vettel reached the track a week later and came to the finish line third. In the “World Series Renault” in 2007, he was the leader in the standings before he went to “Formula 1”.

At the Formula 1 Grand Prix, held in Canada in 2007, one of the BMW pilots was injured and they decided to replace him with twenty-year-old Sebastian Vettel. He finished seventh then, and in the Toro Rosso team he became a regular pilot with the Hungarian Grand Prix.
Vettel joined the Red Bull team in the 2009 season, replacing David Coulthard, and became the champion in the same team in 2010. At the moment he is leading.

Lewis Hamilton
With Michael Schumacher himself, Lewis Hamilton had a chance to compete in karting in 2001. He was the seventh, and Schumacher – the third. When Schumacher got out of karting, he declared that he considered Lewis an excellent racer, despite his young age, and expressed his confidence that he would participate in Formula 1 races.
Lewis Hamilton was born in London. The boy’s parents divorced when he was two years old, and he remained in the care of his mother. And when he was twelve years old, he moved to live in Hertfordshire with his father. Hamilton later admits that as a race car driver he took place precisely thanks to his father. The thing is that at first karting was simply a hobby for Lewis and considerable funds were spent on it. The father of the future star, Anthony Hamilton, had to work in three jobs so that his son could have good karting and had the opportunity to train.

Lewis Hamilton started winning karting at the age of nine, and at ten he told his then boss Ron Davis in the McLaren team, “I’ll always get behind the wheel of your bolide!” Perplexedly scratching his head, Davis replied: “After nine years, you can call me and maybe then we will come up with something.” They really met nine years later, in June 1998, and Hamilton got a place in the McLaren team, becoming the youngest rider in its history.
He made his McLaren debut at the 2007 Grand Prix in Australia, where he finished fourth. In the same year, he won for the first time at the Canadian Grand Prix. In the history of Formula 1, it was the first black world champion that Lewis became in 2008. And because of this, he had to endure racist insults more than once. Race Against Racism was sponsored by the FIA, responding to these bullying. Hamilton is in third place this season.

Mark Webber
In 1993, the race on the car was the first step for success for the rider. Webber stood out from the crowd of novice riders. He not only had a good command of his car and was versed in technology, but also attracted attention with his firmness of decisions and individuality.
Mark Alan Webber was born in Australia in 1976. He is the winner of prestigious championships and a professional race car driver.
With all the childhood of Mark Webber, cars and other transport are inextricably linked. Own business related to the sale of motorcycles, had his parents. Mark rode a good bike already at a young age.

Webber signed the first serious contract with the Van Diemen team. Thus, on the track of Formula Ford of Britain and was Mark.
The professionalism of Mark Webber in 1996 was appreciated.

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